Valery is not just a corsetry maison, is a “Concept Brand”, constantly developing, with an intense charge of quality and meaning. Valery reflects itself in a transcendent product. Valery is a strong and settled emblem of femininity with a high level seduction result that mixes selected fabrics, constant innovation in fashion and technique attention.

Valery renovates every collection with vibrant emotions to be always one step forward and with the desire to leave a sign and accelerate the beats.  To wear, make the other see or hide something, it become a complex language, similar to the phonetic one. Through this kind of language several choices are communicated: values and feelings though the lingerie. At present in fashion world exist only two principal elements to attract consumer’s  attention: one is the power as expressed by the luxurious object and the other one is the strong and erotic charge to which Valery is very careful. – See more at: