LISE CHARMEL has particularly attached its name in the 70’s with colors creativeness stem from couture, the use of integrating fiber Leavers lace lycra associated with pleated fabrics complex. The brand was at the origins of embroidered lace with Darquer. Then, in the 80s, it is a leading player in the development of multicore embroidery. In 1994, it was refreshing artistic guipures that will put this matter in fashion lingerie. Always opened to listen to the changes in the taste of women, their desires of beauty, seduction, Lise Charmel has launched the “Romantic Wedding” line in 1998, and various innovations in the register of lifestyles. Thus, it is in 2009, the first global launch of lingerie-corsetry, casual, dedicated “Cruise” collection. A successful concept of aesthetics and technique with another premiere, the inset lace laser cut.

The brand was born, more than half a century ago, in the cradle of luxury, driven by the constant search for beauty and extreme comfort in the heart of the silk neighborhood of Lyon. Immediately driven by the realization of the finest quality bras, custom fit on the most demanding customers; the brand has developed a unique expertise in the well-being of its models, standard sizes to the larger ones.

Thus were formed teams united around shared values ​​of extreme dedication, well-go meticulous and passionate creation sophistiquée. While Lise Charmel has become a brand of international influence with a structured distribution in over forty countries, the same enthusiasm, the same passion that spriits its team for the creation of current and future collections.

Today Lise Charmel positions itself as a group comprised of 5 brand names: LISE CHARMEL, EPRISE, EPURE, ANTINEA and ANTIGEL.