The brand name that I have given it is BRACLI, which comes from two related words in Spanish:BRAga and CLItoris (underwear and clitoris). In effect, Bracli is the result of combining intimate clothing with the subtle stimulation of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Invention? Absolutely! Bracli has this distinction precisely because it sets itself apart from conventional clothing in that, in addition to being clothing and accessory, it has the added feature of directly stimulating the woman’s genital area. This makes it something new and original, different from any other clothing known to be on the market.
However, there is a stimulus that is more important than just the physical, more intense than the soft rubbing of the pearls, which is that Bracli stimulates the imagination and invites you to imagine. It is an invitation that is extended not only to the woman who wears Bracli, but also to whoever wants to share this experience as an accomplice, as a confidant… The excitement is contagious to all who participate in this pleasurable experience.