Love. Fabrics. Color. Art.

Love. Fabrics. Color. Art.: Our breathtaking boutique and lingerie collection were inspired by the most beautiful things around us.

Building a Stronger You

Inspiring a Happier You: Our goal is to help you find happiness from your intimate apparel out.

Our Story

I started Les Boudoirs because I’m a woman who enjoys the wonder and beauty of being a woman and I want to share this feeling with others. But there are many other parts of my life that inspired me to create my boutique. I am a clinical psychologist whose practice is primarily made up of women. These women and some of the issues they face were part of my inspiration. Another inspiration was the wonderful boutiques I encountered during trips to Paris and Rome, boutiques that set a high standard that I wanted to achieve.

The store’s design was inspired my love of fabrics, color and art. My fantasy was to create an environment in which a woman would feel comfortable, not pressured and always ‘at ease.’ This was the goal I set for my designers and the result speaks for itself. At Les Boudoirs, a woman can explore the world of lingerie from practical to ‘sexy come hither’ and discover that a properly fitted bra can be wonderful and does not have to be something she is anxious to remove as she gets homes each day.

Finally, I wanted to develop a store where women can become empowered. A store where, after it is closed for the day, becomes a learning place where speakers will present various topics to small groups of women at, of course, no cost.

All of this has helped Les Boudoir quickly become a destination boutique, gaining over 500 customers in its first seven months of business, most of them repeat customers. We’ll continue reaching out neighboring communities and welcoming more women into our store to discover the wonderful experience that awaits them at Les Boudoirs.

Meet Mary Resnick

Mary Resnick, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist practicing in Westlake Village and has been active in the mental health field for over 35 years. Her specialty is in the treatment of women’s issues with an emphasis on depression and anxiety. Dr. Resnick’s dissertation was written on the subject of depression and it’s relationship to merger intimacy. During her work with individuals she found a strong correlation between intimacy and the increase, or decrease, of depression and / or anxiety.